Electronic cigarettes could rekindle battles over smoking in public

Electronic Cigarette Users Unite to Send a Powerful Message to MEPs

As evidenced in this study, when people switch to electronic cigarettes, it absolutely makes it easier to quit nicotine use completely, said Michael Siegel, a professor at Boston University School of Public Health who studies e-cigarettes. Its not as simple as saying people are substituting one addiction for another. In fact, Siegel said the quit-rate for e-cigarettes is comparable to rates in other nicotine-replacement therapy studies. But others maintain that its not yet known how harmful vaping could be. We frankly dont know much about them, said Robert Moffitt, an American Lung Association media relations director.
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EU vote on electronic cigarettes ‘makes no sense’

Users of e-cigarettes (known as vapers) have protested, arguing that through e-cigarettes they were able to kick the tobacco habit. By Martin Banks in Brussels 4:18PM BST 14 Jul 2013 The vote was intended to make tobacco smoking less attractive to young people through mandatory warnings, minimum pack sizes, and rules on flavourings. However, the revision of the EU ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ would classify most e-cigarettes as a medicinal product, despite the fact that in the UK alone 25 percent of all attempts to kick the habit are made using e-cigarettes, making them the most popular aid. The European Commission had proposed that e-cigarettes containing 4 milligrammes or more of nicotine must be classed as medicinal products but an EU parliamentary committee went further, voting to classify all e-cigarettes as pharmaceuticals, regardless of the nicotine content. Users of e-cigarettes (known as vapers) have protested, arguing that through e-cigarettes they were able to kick the tobacco habit.
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Electronic Cigarette without Nicotine Review of 2013 revealed by Tech-Cigarette.com

Tech-Cigarette ( EMAILWIRE.COM , July 15, 2013 ) Dallas, Texas — Electronic cigarette without nicotine review of 2013 has been explained in great detail by none other than tech-cigarette.com spokespersons. It has been reported lately that in the current year, more and more smoking enthusiasts have begun to prefer smoking electronic cigarettes as these devices are relatively free from tobacco and definitely devoid of cancer causing carcinogens. This is yet another reason why e cigs are gaining immense popularity amongst the masses in the year 2013 and more and more smokers are quitting regular cigarettes and opting for electric cigarettes instead. The best electronic cigarette without nicotine review has been compiled by elite review specialists based at tech-cigarette.com, so as to ensure that smoking enthusiasts are able to gather vital information on all the possible aspects pertaining to smokeless cigarettes that are completely devoid of nicotine. Most smoking enthusiasts who are planning to quit tobacco cigarettes and opt for e cigarettes instead, usually make use of the varying nicotine levels present in e cigs before finalizing on the zero nicotine levels electric cigarettes. As per tech-cigarette.com spokesperson, electronic cigarette without nicotine review in 2013 is ideally best suited for smokers who wish to buy the best brands offering zero nicotine e cigs .
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Writing to Matthias Groote MEP, the e-cigarette users state that they are genuinely concerned that proposals to regulate e-cigarettes as a medicinal product and to ban flavourings will effectively constitute a ban on a product they use as an alternative to deadly tobacco cigarettes, an opinion supported by the European Parliament’s own Legal Affairs committee. David Dorn an e-cigarette user from the United Kingdom said, “E-cigarettes are not a medicinal product and as users we do not see ourselves as ill or in treatment; we are not. Users do however enjoy the benefits of using nicotine, and nicotine when not combined with cigarette smoke is relatively harmless. I hope that MEPs will vote this week to either remove e-cigarettes completely from the Tobacco Products Directive or that they will ask the Commission to go away and do a lot more research, fund some unbiased studies and come back in two or three years and report on the situation at that time. Policy makers will then have a lot more information at their fingertips to make a decision that is not going to result in 700,000 lives per year being terminated early because MEPs voted to effectively ban e-cigs as they currently are from the market in Europe.” The key health benefit of e-cigarettes is determined by how many smokers switch to them or use them as a staging post to quitting completely. It is therefore vital that e-cigarettes continue to be regulated as a consumer product.
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